We made it!

We have been residence of Melbourne for five days now.


It’s been pretty flipping great.

We’ve been staying down the Mornington peninsula with my parents since we arrived and it’s been wonderful watching Oliver bond with his family and knowing we’re not going to have to say goodbye.

We’ve seen a few places, and some were awful. One was a beautiful little sub let for six weeks whilst the tenant goes away, I have my fingers crossed that works out but I’m not too stressed about it.

Now that I’m here I know it will all come together.

Today we went to the aquarium with Grandma and ‘Gumpy’. Oliver had a great day and was perfectly behaved.

He loved seeing all the fishes and running around with his grandparents! Mainly, he loved the gift shop at the end…

Tonight, we have settled into the next stop along the way- James’ mums place in North Melbourne. It’s walking distance to work and a short tram trip to Oliver’s day care, so very convenient. It’s also very nice and peaceful because nobody is home- which gives me the perfect chance to freak our accordingly about starting my new job tomorrow.

There is still a lot of uncertainty, but what I do know is that everything will work out because I have an incredible support network who will make sure it does.

52 Project

22 & 23/52

This year, I am linking up with Practising Simplicity’s 52 project.

A portrait of my child, once a week, for every week in 2014.

What a fortnight it’s been! I will tell you all about it very soon, but for now enjoy these beautiful snippets of Oliver.



Grandpa came to visit. You call him O-ma. You love him so much, you woke up at 3AM to play with him and wouldn’t let him out of your sight. You are very much your grandfathers grandson, the way you act, talk, and stand. I can’t wait to see your relationship to grow with him over the years.




We went back to Melbourne with Grandpa, and guess what- your Mummy got a job down there. We are moving down in a month. This picture summarises our week perfectly, it was mayhem, perfect wonderful mayhem with a great response. We got to see Daddy, and he came back to Canberra with us for the weekend. It kills me how deep your love flows for your family.

I’m so excited to start our next adventure together, with you by my side I know anything is possible.

I love you more than anything my beautiful little sir.

Love always,

you Mama x

52 Project






This year, I am linking up with Practising Simplicity’s 52 project.

A portrait of my child, once a week, for every week in 2014.


This one deserved three shots, blowing out grandpa’s candles.



15/52CWe drove all Friday (after three days apart due to Mummy’s work schedule) to visit Grandpa for his 60th birthday. You travel so well, you make every trip a breeze. Your Grandparents were so excited to see you, and you them. You even called them by their names ‘Gma’ and ‘Gpa’. You helped Grandpa to blow out his candles, and oh how we laughed as you were ready to blow from the moment the cake arrived on the table. Between you and me, kid, I think you were the best birthday present a Grandpa could ask for!

Parenting, Work

Work/Life balance, or something.


It’s no secret, I love my job. I don’t get that Monday morning dread everyone tells me about. I don’t really get hump day or the February blues.

Nope. I get up happy. I arrive happy- okay I am happy after my morning coffee. But I genuinely love what I do.

I also adore my family. I live and breath for Oliver and James, they are everything to me.

So how do I balance the two?

The truth is I don’t. Not always at least.

Some mornings I go to work with wet hair and breakfast in my teeth. Some evenings we eat pizza or two minute noodles. Some nights, I don’t sleep.

I think that’s the key to the balance, not balancing it at all– but being okay with that.

It’s knowing that some days, you simply cannot do it all and you should be okay with that. It’s not to say you shouldn’t try, because you have to try. But some days you won’t tick everything on your to do list, and that’s okay.

Balance is doing the best you can, and being okay with what you cannot. Ying and yang or something.

So, how do you find your work/life balance?



It’s funny how a simple thought like ‘next time I’m at work, James will be gone’ can be that true moment of realisation.


Tomorrow, James moves to Melbourne for six months.

Today was the first day I really let myself acknowledge it, and it sucked.

So here’s a little lists of positives to get my through:

James is not at sea. He is not in an unknown location. He is not simply 5km away but not allowed to come home. He has a phone, and internet.

I no longer live in an apartment. I have a good, reliable car. I have a great support network in here and in Melbourne. I get to visit my family frequently. I have a nanny.

I have Oliver.

That last point is both the best, and the hardest; hardest because I know how much they are going to miss each other; hardest because I am going to miss seeing them together and hardest because I will us being together.

I know we’ll be fine. I know it will fly by. I know before we know it we’ll be together again. But right now I am sad.

A big part of me is happy it still hurts so much. It’s a testament to the love I have for James and for my family.

But most of me is just a bit sad.

As does everything, this too shall pass.

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Saying goodbye

James leaves in three days. I’ve been too busy moping around the house to keep up with my blog plus I lost my password in a resetting password incident.


This is the hardest part. My heart beats a thousand miles per hour every time I think about the next six months without him. I watch Oliver with him and I just want to cry. The love my boys have for each other, the love I have for them…

Sure, we’ll survive. Sure, We can do it. But the thing is I don’t want to. He is my best friend, my soul mate. That’s why I’m here, so far from home. That’s why I’ve made a life here, a good life. Because I love him and I want happiness for us.

Meanwhile, he gets to go home. So fucking bitter sweet.

So why am I staying? Well, I absolutely love my job. I wake up every day happy. I like the work I do. I like the location. I like the stakeholders. I love my colleagues.

Oliver’s daycare is perfect. He has built a close bond with his teachers, and he is finally starting to make friends.

And, we live here. We have a life here. A good life here.

I started this post to promise you all that I would catch up on the 52 project soon. And to let you know I’ll be restarting the Dear Daddy J project– using photos taken by the little Mr and interpretations of his days by me.

Obviously this post took a bit of a tangent. I’m having a lot if feelings that I’m finding hard to process, but we will survive. We will flourish. And we will come out the other end all the better for it- hopefully whilst creating some interesting if not quirky blog content in the mean time.


Instagram dump 3.11

Our week according to Instagram.



Oliver and Pandora had their first real cuddle.

I am now running 4 km 5 times a week.

I made friends with salad. We have started serving our summer roast.

I picked up some nike free runners from the salvos for $5.

Oliver played in the water.

We spent the day in Bateman’s bay.

I was outraged by outrageous comments on my facebook feed.


Frocktober is officially over. You can see my range of frocks here and you can still donate here.

I wore PANTS!

Oliver dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween.

Christina Hendrick’s and an arguably motivational quote caused a bit of stir due to its poor wording.