I once wrote Oliver a story about how James and I met. I was a beautiful Princess, and James a handsome Prince. I was a very lost Princess who stumbled across the Rochester Castle, and there I found my prince. We had our happily ever after and I wasn’t lost any more.

That story is pretty much true.

James and I met at the Rochester Pub in Fitzroy. We were engaged just over 12 months later. Our first kiss was my last, I knew I had found my soul mate. He was already signed up to the Navy, so I followed him. I’d follow him to the end of the earth.

The day I found out I was pregnant was close to the happiest day of my life. We’d been trying without trying for over a year and we’d just adopted Pandora. I believe that she helped me relax, she made Oliver possible.

We moved interstate when I was 15 weeks pregnant. James was deployed when I was 25 weeks pregnant so I moved interstate again so I could be with my folks. He came back at 40 weeks and was there for his birth. When Oliver was ten days old we moved back from Melbourne to Sydney.

I called Oliver my gypsy baby.

The first 15 months of Oliver’s life were spent living in Sydney. We traveled to Melbourne and Canberra regularly. We really were a Gypsy family. James was away a lot and, well, it wasn’t ideal. But we made it work, and Oliver started becoming the little man he is.

If I could describe Oliver in one word, it would be determined.

He was born in Frankston hospital on August 30, 2011. The labour went for over 30 hours, and it was not ideal. But I would do it all again for my little man. He was a mover and the shaker from the first time I felt him kick. He doesn’t walk anywhere, it’s always a run. He explores everything and loves to know how everything works. He is bossy, and loves younger kids.

He likes bugs, dinosaurs, trains, dancing, singing and animals.
He dislikes having his hair washed, dirty hands, sitting still and sleep ins.

I used to blog over at littleoliverj, but after a blogging hiatus I started up worklifemum. It’s a place to share snippets of our life balancing work, life and our wonderful little Oliver J.

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