Dear Canberra,

Before I moved here, I’d never visited you. I was so shocked with how much you resembled a city- and how inviting you really were.


As time went on I started to realise how hard it can be to make friends here. I learnt that career was essentially everything, and the moments in between where spent holidaying away from you.

Canberra, you are beautiful. You have such beautiful park, fresh air, a lake that could take my breath away. Your streets are wide, and your hills are vast. Some mornings when I watch the sun rise my heart almost a bursts with beauty.

You have beautiful eateries, your coffee culture is growing as is your live music scene. I don’t think I could have hosted a radio show in any other town and be exposed to the artists I met here.

Most have left you now, you don’t come with much of a pay cheque for the arty folk.

You have grown so much in the five years I have known you. Your foreshore is becoming such a hub of joy and delight. No longer is it overgrown with swamp, but it is a buzz with people, and growth.

Canberra, I don’t know if I’ll miss you. Sometimes you can be a little cold, and not just in winter. Sometimes I feel like I’m sitting on the surface and even though I want to I just can’t get in.

I wish you were my home. Your education system is great, your jobs pay well, I know we could excel here. But your not, and it’s time for me to go home.

Canberra, I’m sure we will meet again soon. Until then, goodbye.


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